Port of Pollensa coffee house

“At Gran Café 1919 you’ll be able to enjoy our pleasant terrace and savour some of the best coffee and snacks in Port of Pollensa. Our elegantly stylish establishment offers our clients brilliant service, creating a unique space different from all other coffee shops in Port of Pollensa

“Our teas and infusions are made with the finest herbs served in bulk and infused at time”

“For lovers of tradition we have the best selection of coffees which combine great aroma and texture which will stimulate all of the senses”

“Comforting radiant morning breakfast on our terrace; the best way to start the day”

“A delicious choice of our best cakes with master bakers touches”

Know how

“We define ourselves as a place in Port of Pollensa where to come and have breakfast, eat an ice-cream or enjoy our snacks and cocktails at any time of day, also a cosy place where to meet with friends and family and enjoy the happiness and tranquillity which we try to transmit”

“Each of the products we serve is created and serves with maximum care and love so that your experience in our establishment will be as pleasant as possible. Our 20th Century inspired decoration will take you directly to that era and make you taste all of the various flavours which one same cup of coffee can have in a very different way”

An exceptional location

“Also our exceptional location in Port of Pollensa will makes us the perfect place where to sit and enjoy an exquisite breakfast or even relax and disconnect after taking a long stroll around Port of Pollensa”