Fancy relaxing with a Capuccino in the north of the island?

We always try to offer the best quality service and products so that your only worry will be that of enjoying all of the fragrances and tastes we have to offer.

A wide variety of coffees

Our menu has been carefully created to be able to satisfy each and every taste bud which visits us, and is mainly made up from:

Delicious snacks

Different kinds of coffee, of which we can highlight special coffees such as the Marocchino, our Latte Macchiato or our Mokka Latte, hot chocolates, teas, ice-creams, slushes and cakes, and also different breakfasts which we prepare daily so you can start the day in the best way possible”

“To have a pick at or snack we have a large variety of tapas and delicious snacks

Cocktails & Smoothies

“We also offer the possibility of being able to enjoy delicious baguettes and sandwiches with different options as well as various salads and our traditional “mallorcan pa amb oli’s” made with “farmers bread” and dressed with some of the most typical products of our land such as marine fennel

“When it comes to drinks who doesn’t enjoy a cold refreshment, beer, some wine, cava or even champagne? From natural juices, through to Sangria right until Laurent Perrier Champagne Brut, accompanying your food with drink has never been so enjoyable”

“Finally we also have traditional pizzas made bi our exclusive supplier with top quality ingredients and also children’s menus so the little ones can also enjoy dinning”